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Let's Stop Diabetes in its Tracks

Developed with Stanford and Harvard health and behavior change experts, Lark's Digital Diabetes Prevention Program is an award-winning coaching program that’s proven to help members develop healthy habits and lose weight at scale, so they can focus on what really matters- living their lives.

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The first digital DPP with super clinical outcomes to in-person programs

 Top 10 Apps - Apple

Apple names Lark
“Top 10 Apps" out of all 2 million

 Center for Disease Control recognized.

A CDC-Recognized Digital Diabetes Prevention Program

 Best of 2016 - Google

Google names Lark
"Best of 2016" for it’s Health Coaching


An Award-Winning Digital Program

Over the course of Lark’s year-long DPP members will learn to apply sustainable changes to their nutrition, activity levels, sleep quality and stress by way of interactive coaching. Leveraging AI, health coaches, peer support, and smart connected devices, members get a deeply personalized lifestyle intervention program to help them reach their unique goals.

  • Monitors Health Data from Connected Devices, Activity, Claims, and More.
  • Drives Behavior Change With Clinically Validated AI + Health Coaching Proven in 11 Journals and Analyst Reports.
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What Makes Lark Different?


Health Tools Delivered Seamlessly!

We’ll send everything members need to their homes: a wireless scale, a Fitbit, and the coaching, delivered by mobile app, to automatically track members’ exercise, sleep, and nutrition intake, all already linked to their account so their Lark Coach knows how to help. 

 SmartScale Provided by Lark Health

Track starting and trending weight with the smart digital scale

 Fitbit Flex provided by Lark if you qualify

Track activity with the Fitbit
Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband

 1-on-1 private health coaching app

Encourage 1-on-1 private coaching, available 24/7, with stellar outcomes at scale


Coaching, Done Differently

Members get 1-on-1 support when they need it, as much as they need it, from their Personal Lark Coach. No hour long meet ups with a big group, no scheduling appointments, no talking in front of others, no joining online classes. 

 Lark can help talk you through food cravings.

1-on-1 private coaching,
available 24/7. 

Members' Lark Coaches are always available to help with late night issues like cravings or mid morning exercise and meal planning.

 Lark helps you track your weight loss and share your accomplishments.

3 minute texting check-ins for busy people.
As many as they need.

Members can check in with their coach for just 3 minutes a day with text and they’ll see the same great results as intensive In-Person Diabetes Prevention Programs that cannot scale.

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A Year-Long Tailored Program With 4 Key Steps

To help members prevent diabetes and lose weight, their Lark Coach uses scientifically-proven
methods to train their mind to build healthy habits for life instead of depriving themselves temporarily. 

Lark's Digital Diabetes Prevention Program with 4 Key Steps
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Driven by the first clinically validated AI with behavioral and clinical health experts built in.

After 6 years of cutting edge R&D with AI technologists, top health and behavior change experts from
Harvard and Stanford, and even an NBA and NFL coach, texting with their Lark Coach is like members getting personal
coaching from these experts.

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With proven results, Lark’s Diabetes Prevention Program is the only program of its kind that is recognized by
the CDC and available at no cost to you as an insurance health benefit. 


Scalable Outcomes

Lark has combined cutting edge AI with clinical science and health coaches to deliver scalable outcomes to hundreds of thousands. Read more about Lark's stellar outcomes from AI and smart connected devices across Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, and Hypertension.