Let's Turn the Tide on Type 2 Diabetes

Lark's unparalleled mass diagnoses and enrollment, combined with stellar outcomes, has made it the second largest and fastest growing DPP in the country.

Engaging, Personalized Coaching.

Over the course of Lark’s year-long DPP, members learn to apply changes to their diet, physical activity, sleep habits, stress management, and more through interactive coaching.

  • Monitors health data from connected devices, activity, claims, and more.
  • Drives behavior change with clinically validated AI + health coaching, proven in 11 journals and analyst reports.

Study Shows Scalable Outcomes from Lark's DPP

4.2 % Average Sustained 1 Year Weight Loss

610 Number of Study Participants

$1,440 Average health cost savings moving a participant from obese to non-obese

Study: Can digital diabetes programs engage older adults?

Study of Older Adults in Lark's DPP

28 % Dropped an Entire BMI Category

4.4 kg Avg Weight Loss

58 Average Age of Participants

4.3 % Body Weight Loss

360 Participant Study of Older Adults (12 months)

2020 Study: “Lark Health’s Diabetes Prevention Program Achieves Long-Term Weight Loss Results”


Study: “DPP Scalability: Urgent but Possible”

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Let Us Diagnose and Enroll Prediabetic Members

Lark executes seamless, out-of-the-box, multi-modal enrollment campaigns on your behalf. Members begin their first session within minutes. Our consumer marketing team has developed the best mass diagnosis, recruitment, and multi-channel enrollment tools out-of-the-box for you.

Outcomes-Based Pricing Reduces Your Risk.

For your population with Prediabetes, only pay when members enroll in the program and achieve outcomes such as sustained engagement and 5% body weight loss. Since Lark is a healthcare provider, you can also bill through medical claims.

Performance-Based Billing

There’s no risk in offering it to everyone: Only pay when members enroll, stay engaged, and achieve weight loss.

Lark is Loved by Members.

I have lost 13.5 pounds by following the food guides and cutting back on carbs and fats, last year my A1c was 7.5 and, as of my yesterday’s doctor visit, now am at 6.3.

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