Do the telehealth providers that accompany Lark’s Weight Management solution work for Lark?

No, Lark is not a healthcare provider, and does not provide medical care, diagnosis, or treatment. All medical care or treatment is provided by Lark’s third-party telehealth partner, OpenLoop Health (“OpenLoop”).  OpenLoop can be reached at 1-931-253-4587 for questions about medical care and prescriptions or scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling appointments. 

In what jurisdiction do you operate?  

OpenLoop, Lark’s third-party telehealth partner, is available to patients in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. 

Who typically qualifies for weight loss medications?

Individuals aged 18 or older who meet specific criteria, including certain weight thresholds and associated health conditions, may meet the clinical criteria for a prescription. Typically, individuals who are obese (BMI > 30) or individuals who are overweight (BMI > 27), and who also have weight-related health conditions such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, or dyslipidemia, will qualify. Your provider will determine whether you are eligible.

What costs are associated with the weight loss program?

An initial one-time fee of $89 (“Initial Consultation Fee”), payable to OpenLoop Health, covers your initial telehealth provider consultation. You are responsible for paying this fee whether or not your provider determines you are eligible for a GLP-1 medication.

If your OpenLoop telehealth provider determines that you are eligible for and then prescribes a weight loss medication, OpenLoop Health will charge you a Weight Loss Medication Management Fee every 28 days.

What is the Weight Loss Medication Management Fee?

This $42 fee covers the cost of follow-up telehealth visits and ongoing care coordination including any refills that might be recommended with respect to your weight loss medication. OpenLoop Health will charge your payment of record every 28 days until you elect to cancel your participation in the Program.

To cancel your participation in the Program and recurring payments, please call OpenLoop Health support at +1 (931) 253-4587 or email Lark cannot facilitate Program cancellations.

What if I do not qualify for weight loss medication?

The Initial Consultation Fee is non-refundable. If your OpenLoop telehealth provider determines you are ineligible for weight loss medication, you will not be enrolled in the Program and you are not responsible for any additional fees.

How often will I meet with an OpenLoop Health telehealth provider?

You will meet with an OpenLoop Health telehealth provider during your initial telehealth visit. If you are eligible for the program, follow-up visits will be coordinated between you and your telehealth provider on an as-needed basis.

Does OpenLoop Health accept insurance?

No. You must pay out of pocket for the Initial Consultation Fee. However, OpenLoop Health collects insurance information for the purpose of running prior authorizations for weight loss medication, if prescribed. OpenLoop Health’s internal support team will work with your insurance to try and get the cost of the GLP-1 medication covered.

What is a prior authorization for medication?

Prior authorization for medication is a process used by health insurance companies to determine if they will cover the cost of a prescribed medication.

Where do I pick up my prescriptions?

Prescriptions will be sent to your preferred pharmacy. You can select this pharmacy during your telehealth intake process.

Are labs included in the cost of the program?

If an OpenLoop Health telehealth provider orders lab work, the fee associated is your responsibility. If you receive a lab order, you will need to select a local lab facility and present your insurance information to the facility to understand if your insurance will cover the test(s).

Do I need lab work before I start the program?

No, you do not need to have lab work completed before your initial telehealth provider consultation.