Hypertension Never Turns Off, So Neither Do We

Connected smart blood pressure monitor, AI-driven learning, expert coaching, and a personal journey to heart health. Hypertension costs payors and employers $131 billion per year: Let’s control it at scale with the only digital health platform proven to do so.

Lark Hypertension Care

Lark’s Hypertension Care program helps members attain controlled blood pressure through blood pressure measurement and coaching, hypertension-specific digital nutrition therapy, daily hypertension educational content, and personalized coaching on weight loss, activity, stress, and sleep. The program includes a connected blood pressure cuff and connected weight scale.

8.4mmHg Systolic Drop

Decrease in systolic blood pressure.

31%* Drop in Strokes

3% SBP drop is linked to an 8-14% reduction.

28%* Drop in Coronary Heart Disease

4.5% SBP drop is linked to a 15% reduction.

Omron Healthcare: Lark for Hypertension Reduces Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke.

In our latest Hypertension study, we teamed up with Omron to analyze the outcomes of members using the program for 6 months.

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Change in % of members with blood pressure under control (<130/80)

In the Beginning

4% controlled

96% uncontrolled

After 6 Months

40% controlled

60% uncontrolled


How Lark Works:

Lark for Hypertension helps bring population-level hypertension under control with:

  • An easy-to-use, connected blood pressure cuff.
  • AI-driven insights to help translate readings into healthy habits that stick.
  • Personalized, 24/7 access to coaching to manage stress, nutrition, medications, activity levels, and more.
  • Treatment of the whole person, such as optional weight loss or tobacco cessation coaching.
  • Telephonic care escalation for severe blood pressure spikes, problems with medication, and more.

Hypertension is Managed Outside of the Four Walls of the Doctor’s Office.


Members with hypertension are offered little care outside the four walls of the doctor’s office, but continued support is required to drive understanding of how lifestyle impacts blood pressure. With 24/7, real-time help, Lark’s expert virtual coaching platform and connected devices provides members with access to critical care that helps control high blood pressure and its’ implications, such as heart attack and stroke.

Personalized Coaching That Treats The Whole Person.

Every member is different, and bringing one’s blood pressure under control is not a one-size-fits-all clinical approach. Lark recognizes that diet may be a stronger contributor to Jane’s blood pressure while a sedentary lifestyle impacts Jack’s more. Strict medication adherence is always a good clinical guideline, but what if the current medication gives Jack cravings and makes him sleep more, leading to less energy and activity? Lark knows and evolves with the members’ interactions.

Save on MedEx Costs and Prevent Unnecessary Hospitalizations.


At clinically defined triggers such as severe blood pressure spikes or problems with medication, Lark connects members with telephonic care resources, who see all relevant lead-up data such as device data, medication data, and behavioral data such as activity and sleep.

An experience members love

I just wanted to tell you how much your app has helped me. I have lost 13.5 pounds by following the food guides and cutting back on carbs and fats, last year my A1c was 7.5 and, as of my doctors visit yesterday, now am at 6.3. I hope to get the A1c down further and be off of my diabetes meds. Lark has had a big part in helping with these accomplishments.

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