For Employers

Accessible, personalized virtual care for all employees

Supporting businesses in their quest to create a happy and healthy workplace, anytime and anywhere

Increase employee satisfaction

Support your employees’ health and wellness goals with 24/7, engaging virtual care. 

Meet your employees where they are

No matter where they’re located, your employees can access clinically proven, engaging care coaching for their health needs.

Support chronic care needs

Proven clinical equivalence to in-person led programs, Diabetes and Hypertension programs support employees living with a chronic condition. 

Keep employees happy and healthy

Our programs can provide health and wellness support from healthy eating habits to stress and anxiety management. 

“65 lbs down and 100 times happier. Keep going even when you think it's not working because small losses add up in the end. About 30 more lbs to go!”

Robert, Age 60
65 lbs lost

“I joined Lark a year ago and chose my weight loss goal. Today, I reached that goal and it feels amazing! I have more energy and feel better than I have in years.”

Lisa, Age 65
80 lbs lost

I finally got below 200! It's the first time in a long time that I've consistently stayed below 200. My A1C has also gone down to normal from pre-diabetic.

Tabitha, Age 45
Below 200 lbs and normalized A1C

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