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Give your employees the help they need to prevent and manage chronic conditions while keeping costs in check

Here are four ways we can help you

Lower financial risk

Most self-insured employers spend the majority of their healthcare dollars on chronic conditions and behavioral health. Lark drives lasting behavior changes and outcomes that help employees better manage, delay, or even prevent costly conditions.

Treat your entire at-risk population

Lark’s use of AI not only provides always-on, hyper-personalized coaching, it also results in a lower cost structure, allowing you to treat your entire at-risk population.

Offer personalized care to all

While telephonic coaching is limited in capacity and personalization, Lark is infinitely and instantly scalable. And, it becomes even more effective with more users.

Rest assured

From contracting to seamless and fast implementation, connected device ordering and delivery, and employee enrollment campaign assistance, Lark is a true partner.

Modern, Accessible, and Scalable Programs that Deliver Results.

Lark is Loved by Members.

Had a check-up with the doctor for routine blood work. Lost 16lbs in the last 6 months, hoping that makes a difference in my numbers in bloodwork.

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Lark member? Please email support@lark.com or your coach for help using a device or signing up for a Lark program.