Digital Care for Chronic Disease Management and Prevention

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Exceptionally cost-effective chronic disease management and prevention.

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Control Rising Costs

Control MedEx costs and prevent expensive complications by deploying Lark's cutting-edge disease management programs for less than half the cost of competitive telephonic programs.

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Close Gaps in Care

Provide the best overall care with one platform for automated and engaging HEDIS measure campaigns.


Differentiate in Commercial

Maintain and grow business by leveraging Lark's innovative and proven programs.

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Don't Let Vendors Silo Care and Data

Let clinical resources solve emergent situations such as high or low blood glucose readings or changes needed in medication. Own your member data, don't silo it with overpriced vendors.

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Engage Members in Care they Love

Benefit from Lark’s out-of-the-box expertise in mass enrollment and recruitment that members love.


Save on Operational Costs

Cut the cost of your disease management programs by 2/3 with Lark, the first AI-enabled platform that opens up the equivalent of more than 20,000 FTE nurses and coaches.

Virtual care that addresses your costliest chronic conditions.

60% of members likely have 1 or more chronic conditions.

How much does that cost you?

Number of Plan Members
# with a Chronic Condition 3,000
Cost of Chronic Conditions $12,500,000

Programs: Lark for Hypertension

With personalized, AI-enabled coaching and smart connected devices, you can drive lasting results that scale.

8.4mmHg Systolic Drop

decrease in systolic blood pressure.

31%* Drop in Strokes

3% SBP drop is linked to an 8-14% reduction.

28%* Drop in Coronary Heart Disease

4.5% SBP drop is linked to a 15% reduction.

Study: Significant reduction in risk of heart attack and stroke

2019 study in partnership with Omron Healthcare shows reductions in blood pressure superior to that of medication.


Lark increased BP control by 10X in just 6 months.

circle-chart1 Beginning:  4% controlled  96% uncontrolled
circle-chart2 6 Months with Lark: 40% controlled   60% uncontrolled

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Programs: Lark for Diabetes Prevention

Lark’s DPP is Fully Recognized by the CDC & one of just 3% of DPPs to have achieved this distinction. Lark offers seamless mass enrollment capabilities out-of-the-box and is offered at less than one-half the cost of competitive programs, enabling it's rapid growth.

28% Dropped an Entire BMI Category

4.4kg Avg Weight Loss

58 Average Age of Participants

4.3% Body Weight Loss

360 Participants (12 months)

2020 Study: “Lark for Diabetes Prevention Publishes Long-Term Weight Loss Results”


2019 Study: “Lark Releases Clinical Outcomes for Digital Diabetes Prevention in Older Adults”

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Programs: Lark for Diabetes

Deliver proven virtual care for diabetes at less than half the cost of platforms reliant on telephonic resources, third party contracts, and overpriced devices. Learn why more than half of the nation's largest health plans use Lark.

Clinical outcomes that scale.

Starting A1C 8.4%
A1C at 4 months 7.3%
A1C Reduction 1.1%

To make a dent in the diabetes crisis, we need innovation that can work at scale. Lark’s approach to treating diabetes is extremely effective.

Dr. Robert Gabbay, CMO, American Diabetes Association


Lark is Loved by Members.

I started my weight loss in October 2019 and got accepted with Lark not too far after! I am down 60lbs. I have never been able to commit to a weight loss program but Lark has helped me so much!

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