Lark - Your Apple Watch A.I Health Coach

Why use an Apple Watch with Lark?

Lark can be used with the Apple Watch to automatically track activity data through the watch’s motion sensors. Just by linking your Apple Watch to your iPhone, you’re already collecting activity data. Lark reads the Steps from Apple’s Health app on your iPhone in order to calculate minutes active.

Your Lark coach is there to help you, with regular check-ins, blood glucose alerts, feedback, and motivation. From meal feedback to stress coaching, your Apple Watch is transformed into your compassionate friend.

Lark Apple Watch activity
Lark Apple Watch sleep

Where do I get an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is available through Apple’s website

How do I setup Lark on the Apple Watch?

Note: Make sure your Apple Watch device name includes the phrase "Apple Watch" somewhere in the text. It must be in English.

You can check the name and edit it by opening the Watch app on your iPhone, tap "General", then tap "About". The first field is for the "Name" of your Apple Watch, and you can edit it by tapping the name. See below:


Lark Diabetes Care and the Apple Watch

Lark Apple Watch food