Leading health insurers offer weight loss program at no cost

April 1, 2021
Why Food Tracking Is the Best Way to Reach Your Health Goals

See how people are losing 9.6 lbs. on average—without paying a dime

Pay $0 out of pocket, plus get rewarded with a free smart scale and Fitbit® tracker.1

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This is it—you’ve finally decided it’s time to do something about those extra pounds you’ve put on. You’re ready to change some habits and get healthier. But how exactly do you get started? How do you find an effective program? Will you be able to stick with it? And are any of those expensive diet apps really worth it?

When exploring your weight loss program options, one you should certainly consider is Lark. This fun and effective smartphone app is led by a digital health and weight loss coach. The Lark coach helps you make small changes that can lead to big results.

A study of more than 3,000 people who used Lark for eight weeks found that they lost an average of 9.6 pounds – without counting calories or being stuck with a strict or unachievable eating plan.

I got my Fitbit today!!! I’m pretty excited! I sure have learned a lot. As a professional “dieter” I knew the basics, but Lark puts it together in a way that makes common sense and lets you challenge yourself to stay within the boundaries without feeling deprived. I love this app!” 

– Candy J.

Weight loss at an unbeatable price

In fact, Lark is so effective at helping people lose weight and achieve their health goals that leading health insurers are now offering the program to their members at zero dollars out of pocket. While other popular weight loss programs cost hundreds of dollars and up per year, members of participating insurance health plans pay nothing for Lark! 

Plus, you’ll also receive a digital smart scale when you get started with Lark and also get rewarded with a Fitbit tracker as you stick with the program—both also delivered to you free of charge.

Cost of Lark vs Noom

The program that’s a step above

Unlike other restrictive diets or unsustainable exercise plans, Lark breaks your goals down into fun and achievable activities. As you interact with your digital health coach, you’ll learn how to make smarter eating choices, how to be more active in ways that don’t feel like a chore, along with other small steps along the way. Soon, those small steps become healthy habits and before you know it, you’re well on your way to losing weight, achieving your health goals, and feeling your best.  

Rewards that keep coming

Lark rewards you in a number of ways. Create a Lark account and start chatting with your digital coach to receive a free digital smart scale that automatically connects to your Lark app to help you track your progress and celebrate when you start shedding pounds. As you stay engaged with Lark, you’re not only rewarded with a healthier you, you can also receive a free Fitbit tracker to help keep yourself motivated and monitor your sleep and activity levels. Lark cheers you on and celebrates you throughout your journey, racking up medals for your various healthy achievements.

(In 3 months) I am down 23 pounds and am changing my mindset around food and exercise one day at a time.”

-Joe H.

Just minutes a day can make a difference

While many users find they want to check in more often, just minutes a day can lead to big achievements. Whether it’s logging a meal, reporting an activity, or completing one of your missions, your Lark coach is there for you 24/7—ready to cheer you on to your next healthy achievement. Even if you discover just one healthy eating tip, that could be the domino effect that leads to your next achievement. Lark takes it one day at a time, giving out the positive encouragement, tips, and knowledge you need to get on the right path—and stay there.

As of this morning, I have officially lost 10% of my body weight. This was one of my small goals. I still have a long way to go, but I am just thrilled.”

-Candace P.
Lark coaching costs $0 through your insurance

Get this proven program at an unbeatable price

Unlike other expensive weight loss memberships you may have seen, Lark is a proven and effective program that’s fully covered by major health insurance plans —so you pay zero out-of-pocket costs.

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What have you got to lose (besides maybe a few pounds)? Meet Lark and let’s help you find your way to a healthier you!


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Get a Great Weight Loss Meal at Any Restaurant
Get a Great Weight Loss Meal at Any Restaurant