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Modernizing Care Management with Predictive Insights

Modernizing Care Management with Predictive Insights
Lark Team

We are passionate about providing scalable virtual care. We pioneered the use of AI for better health. Combining the power of data, behavior change science, and smart devices, Lark’s digital platform provides scalable, personalized coaching 24/7 to help people manage or prevent chronic disease.

The modern care management team’s goal is still the same as it always was — providing members with the best care possible. But now, it is highly coordinated, comprehensive, seamless, in pursuit of outcomes, and data-driven. This requires strategic partnerships that deeply integrate into your workflows and enable your clinical resources to work at the top of their licenses. 

Lark’s award-winning platform powered by AI and industry-leading data science is able to flag potential health issues in near real-time and form predictive insights about members. 

Identifying Future At-Risk Members

Because Lark collects and analyzes data from many sources, we’re able to detect and flag those who may be trending towards relapse or other health issues. Early identification of these members allows proactive intervention and visibility to your care management team and can prevent future condition progression and associated costs. Lark identifies these at-risk members in a couple of ways:

  • By looking at data from their connected devices alongside trends, history, and app usage to make data-based predictions of their potential future health outcomes. For example, if a member’s weight has increased by three pounds and has stopped taking regular blood pressure readings, this gives early indication to Lark that a more serious health event may occur.
  • By integrating screener questions throughout the user experience. Screener questions are meant to gauge a member’s mental health such as stress and depression levels. 

By monitoring and analyzing data from multiple sources, Lark is able to spot early trends to identify future at-risk members and escalate potential issues for you to mitigate. We deliver data via API to augment what you are already collecting, which can help shape your decisions and recommendations for members’ “next best actions.”

Lark can also flag potential health issues through the creation of triggers, or customizable thresholds of member readings. Lark triggers connect our insights with your systems. For example, you could request a notification — sent via API to your nurse line — when 60% of a member’s blood pressure readings over a three day period fall outside of a predefined range. Your nurse line or clinicians can then connect with members before more urgent and costly intervention is needed.

Elevating Care Team Workflows with Data

At Lark, we understand the importance of providing the best care possible, while making the most efficient use of high-value resources. Whether addressing active issues or proactively flagging events, every personalized interaction is driven by data to help your care teams work at the top of their licenses seamlessly. Because Lark is driven by AI, we’re equipped to care for member populations of any size. 

If you’re interested in learning more about modernizing your care management workflow to provide better care, drop us a note at modernizecare@lark.com