Now, More Than Ever, We Need Top Talent In Digital Health: Lark Is Hiring

June 25, 2020
Now, More Than Ever, We Need Top Talent In Digital Health: Lark Is Hiring

While for many COVID-19 has meant canceling events or pausing projects, for Lark Health, one of America’s fastest growing AI health care companies, it means working harder to meet greater demand for remote care. As a result, Lark is expanding hiring dramatically to grow the lark team.

Now more than ever, people with chronic health conditions like Diabetes need continuity of care and confidence in their ability to maintain their health while at home. Lark’s mission has always been to provide 24/7, personalized support through easily accessible virtual care and smart connected health devices. As a Series C startup that has raised nearly $80 million in venture capital, Lark is positioned to continue to capitalize on the dramatic changes in demand for virtual health care. As such, we need talented, hard working new team members across the spectrum of roles —from software engineers to product designers to marketers to clinical experts, and much more.

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Caring for those with or at-risk for chronic conditions does not stop during a pandemic. In fact, it becomes more important to protect the health of those who are most vulnerable to serious coronavirus effects and complications. Lark has an important role to play here. If you’re interested in joining a dynamic team committed to empowering people as they take control of their health, consider applying for one of our current openings today! 


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The lark team are a compassionate team helping provide accessible telehealth and text-based technology for those in need of chronic care prevention and management. That mission is more important than ever before.


Written by Natalie Stein on June 25, 2020
Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health
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