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Woman reaching for produce at farmers marketWoman reaching for produce at farmers market

Managing Food Cravings on Your Weight Loss Journey with GLP-1 Medications

Here’s what you should know about the science of cravings, how GLP-1 medications may affect cravings, and tips for managing cravings in healthy ways.

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Woman cooking in kitchen meal planWoman cooking in kitchen meal plan

3-Day Meal Plan for Weight Loss on GLP-1 Medications

These tips can also help you feel better and establish healthier habits throughout your weight loss journey and beyond.

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Happy woman on GLP-1 medicationsHappy woman on GLP-1 medications

15 Tips for Success on GLP-1 Medications

Taking GLP-1 medications can help with weight loss, but a lot of your success depends on your own choices. Choices such as taking your medications as prescribed, eating well, and living a healthy life

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People dancing in kitchenPeople dancing in kitchen

Simple Hacks for Creating Triggers for Healthy Habits

Establishing habits can make healthy choices easier by turning them into automatic behaviors. That way, you can work towards your goals without feeling like you’re working hard.

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Dad with daughter flexingDad with daughter flexing

De-Stress at the End of Summer

Stress can have negative effects on your physical and mental health, but you can manage stress to avoid these effects. 

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water droplet in waterwater droplet in water

5 Tricks to Drink More Water to Help You Lose Weight

Drinking more can help you lose weight by reducing your appetite, increasing energy levels, and reducing the calories you consume.

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healthy food optionhealthy food option

10 Fast Food Breakfasts That Can Fit into Your Weight Loss Plan

More than 1 in 5 adults eat fast food for breakfast on a given day.

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Person working out with Fitbit®Person working out with Fitbit®

How to Pair Your Fitbit with Lark

Lark can now pair with your Fitbit® activity tracker! Learn how to pair your tracker with the Lark app in this short tutorial video.

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Printable Meal Plan for Weight Loss with Fiber and Whole GrainsPrintable Meal Plan for Weight Loss with Fiber and Whole Grains

Printable Meal Plan for Weight Loss with Fiber and Whole Grains

Healthy eating for weight loss can be simple and tasty. This is a simple meal plan full of whole grains and fiber so you can manage hunger and get more nutrients. Most of the meals take only a few min

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Ways to Measure Progress without a ScaleWays to Measure Progress without a Scale

Ways to Measure Progress without a Scale

Losing extra pounds can make a dramatic difference in your health risk, but there are other ways to measure progress.

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Workouts for Every LevelWorkouts for Every Level

Workouts for Every Level

Increasing physical activity is one of the best ways to lower diabetes risk. The program encourages you to get at least 150 minutes per week of physical activity.

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Extra Help for Managing PrediabetesExtra Help for Managing Prediabetes

Extra Help for Managing Prediabetes

It's okay to need help with managing your prediabetes! Here are some of the places that you can turn to to continue your health journey.

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