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How to Pair Your Fitbit with Lark

April 6, 2023
Pairing your Fitbit®

Are you at risk of prediabetes?

Lark can help lower your risk for Type 2 Diabetes through healthy habit formation, and data tracking.
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Build healthy habits
from your phone

Activity from your Fitbit® will sync with the Lark app, making it easier to track your activity and get insights from your coach. Ready to get started?

  1. Open the Lark app and tap on “Settings” in the lower left corner
  2. Tap on “Activity Trackers” and select “Fitbit”
  3. Tap “Connect” and login to your Fitbit® account
  4. Select “Allow All” and tap the “Allow” button below
  5. Congrats, you’re connected!

About Lark

Lark helps you eat better, move more, stress less, and improve your overall wellness. Lark’s digital coach is available 24/7 on your smartphone to give you personalized tips, recommendations, and motivation to lose weight and prevent chronic conditions like diabetes.

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