Can Digital DPP Engage Older Adults? 


Based on proven engagement and clinical outcomes, Lark’s DPP has obtained Full Recognition status from the CDC, the highest possible clinical status for a DPP. In this paper we describe a study of 360 adults aged 50 to 85 in Lark’s digital DPP. We calculated an average weight loss of 4.3% total body weight at approximately one year since joining the program. There was no statistically significant difference in weight loss between men and women or between age groups. The analysis also found that 22% of participants who were initially class III obese and 27.5% of participants overall dropped at least one BMI category.

Can adults 50-85 years old engage and succeed in a highly digital DPP?  


Let's Stop Diabetes in its Tracks

Developed with Stanford and Harvard health and behavior change experts, Lark's Digital Diabetes Prevention Program is an award-winning coaching program that’s proven to help members develop healthy habits and lose weight at scale, so they can focus on what really matters- living their lives.