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How Lark Hyper-Personalizes Care

How Lark Hyper-Personalizes Care
Lark Team

We are passionate about providing scalable virtual care. We pioneered the use of AI for better health. Combining the power of data, behavior change science, and smart devices, Lark’s digital platform provides scalable, personalized coaching 24/7 to help people manage or prevent chronic disease.

Before Lark became an award-winning AI platform that delivers personalized digital health coaching, we dedicated over six years to R&D ahead of our 2018 market launch. This time was crucial in positioning us years ahead of any other chronic disease management platform. It  allowed us to perfect coaching that combines artificial intelligence, cognitive behavior therapy, and smart connected devices to help members better manage chronic conditions, improve their health and enhance care management workflows within health plans. 

The Lark Experience Gets Better with Data

Every member adds many data points to our database of approximately one billion. Members benefit from the analysis of engagement and outcomes of other users, contributing to the personalization of their care. 

Lark is constantly adding to our growing database, relying on frictionless capture of data from a variety of sources to better guide coaching and increase engagement including:

  • Connected weight scale
  • Connected blood pressure cuff
  • Connected glucose meter
  • Low power phone sensor that captures activity such as sleep and exercise
  • Apple iHealth or Google Fit
  • Logged meals within the Lark app
  • Other inputs such as goals, conversation responses, and screener responses

By monitoring these data sources, Lark’s conversation engine determines the best message, intervention or escalation for that member at that moment. For instance, we might spot that a member is trending poorly at making good meal choices, and provide coaching on how to improve in that area. Or, when the AI detects an abnormal data point like a severe drop in blood sugar for a member with diabetes, the AI coach acts as a first line of defense and escalates the situation to a live clinical resource designated by the partner. 

Here are some examples of how Lark’s AI personalizes the experience: 

Driving Value

By delivering scalable care and clinically-proven outcomes through instantaneous and unlimited coaching powered by data, we’re able to help members take meaningful steps toward lasting behavior change. Every single member interaction or escalation is data-driven giving you the ability to provide personalized care at virtually unlimited scale. If you’re interested in learning more about how we hyper-personalize care, contact us at modernizecare@lark.com.