Exceptional Outcomes

Lark's award winning disease management platform has been proven in 13 studies, trials, and analyst reports for its clinical efficacy. From cost savings to healthier members, Lark delivers.

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We Help Health Plans and Employers
Prevent and Better Manage Chronic Conditions.

Lark can help your enterprise reduce cost for chronic conditions such as diabetes through DPPs.
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Diabetes Care

Lark for Diabetes has shown the best A1c reductions in digital health. Lark for Diabetes, as a fully integrated digital solution, is also positioned to address the significant clinical resource constraints that exist in current Diabetes care models, including those that utilize an outsourced call center coach model, which leave a significant percentage of the more than 27 million individuals with DM2 under-managed and lacking access to the intensity of clinical care required to solve the challenge before us. *

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“…an AI approach to treating diabetes can be extremely effective. To make a dent in the nation’s diabetes crisis, we’ll need innovative approaches that can work at scale and Lark shows great promise in this regard.”

Dr. Robert Gabbay, Chief Medical Officer, Joslin Diabetes Center


Diabetes Prevention Program

Lark’s Digital DPP is Fully CDC-Recognized and has proven stellar outcomes. It’s impact, scale, and cost have quickly allowed Lark to grow into the 2nd largest DPP in the country.

DPP outcomes
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Read: Clinical Outcomes from a Digital Diabetes Prevention Program in Older Adults

Here we focus on percent weight loss at 1 year since joining the program. This study of 360 participants in Lark’s DPP demonstrates that Lark is a scalable and effective solution for engaging and achieving long-term, clinically significant, weight loss in older adults.


Lark Health shows positive clinical outcomes for those with pre diabetes.
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Hypertension Care

Lark’s A.I., combined with the smart blood pressure cuff, has superior outcomes across a range of metrics such as reductions in SBP and DBP, improvements in self-efficacy, and long-term engagement. In fact, Lark’s outcomes have are shown to exceed that of putting a patient on medication.

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Lark Health’s digital therapeutics helps those with Hypertension management coaching.
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Read: Lark's digital approach to hypertension management significantly reduces patients' blood pressure after only six months.

“These findings endorse the efficacy of home blood pressure monitoring and coaching to empower and engage patients in effective hypertension management” said Jim Li, Executive Director of Medical Affairs at Omron Healthcare, Inc.


Seamlessly Bill through Claims or Per Member


Lark Health Performance Billing

Performance-based billing

There’s no risk in offering it to everyone: we only charge when your members use Lark coaches and achieve outcomes.

Lark Health PMPM


Only pay for members who use Lark. Our PEMPM costs save clients 80% and allow our partners to offer a new level of service to every valued member.


Lark Health is Fully Recognized, Certified, and Clinically Validated