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How do Lark Health's Technologists and Clinicians create such an engaging experience? Here are a few of the ways A.I drives outcomes in diabetes management.


Push Notifications

 Lark is enabled with text notifications to congratulate you on meeting your goals!

Text Messaging

 Lark will text you to remind you if you miss blood pressure tests to help you stay on track!


 Lark is also capable of emailing you reports to see how you are doing in meeting your goals.

What Makes Lark Health's Diabetes Management Program So Engaging?

Unlike any other program, we’re able to offer every member unlimited 1-on-1 support from anywhere at anytime. Highly customized communications that are able to be personalized to target populations, match the intensity of support to the need of the members, and optimize individuals’ glucose markers are more likely to be cost-effective than with similarly intensive programs deployed the same way to a broad population.

How Does Lark's Diabetes Management Work?

 1-on-1 personal care via the Lark app.

1-on-1 Personal Diabetes Coaching

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help with food choices, workout tracking, sleep monitoring, and guided support to help manage your risk of diabetes! A dedicated Lark Coach, driven by clinically-validated and highly scalable A.I, will respond within seconds when members need support most. It really doesn't get any easier to begin a healthier lifestyle than with Lark, your 24/7 trusted friend.

The Lark Health App can help to improve your ability to manage your risk of diabetes!

24/7 Monitoring with A.I

We deliver the necessary tools to members’ homes, already linked to their Lark Coach so she can monitor their progress. Every member is different, and bringing one's glucose levels under control is not a one-size-fits-all clinical approach. Clinical guidelines are critical, but Lark recognizes that diet may be a stronger contributor to Bobbi's blood sugar levels while a sedentary lifestyle impacts Danny's more. Strict medication adherence is always a good clinical guideline, but what if the current medication gives Danny cravings and makes him sleep more, leading to less energy and activity? Lark's A.I learns and adjusts coaching according to each members' specific, ever-changing data-driven model.

 Blood pressure cuffs will be sent to you once you qualify for Lark Health.

 Predicative Triage available. Lark can call your physician should the signs be worrying.

 Predictive Triage

At clinically defined times, each member's Lark Coach is able to connect them with the right clinical resource whilst sharing all relevant lead-up device and adherence data in real-time. Let your care management team receive important calls when your glucose level drops occurs or a member has been consistently in-adherent rather than spending their time trying to get members on the phone in the first place.