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How Jennifer Lost 20lbs with Lark

How Jennifer Lost 20lbs with Lark
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

When Jennifer learnt that Lark was being covered by her Health Insurance 3 months ago, she took the eligibility quiz in the app and saw that she was at risk for diabetes.

Jennifer’s story is very encouraging! When she entered the program and began using the Lark coach, she weighed in at 179 lbs while being 5 foot 2, giving her a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 32.7, or moderately obese.  That, combined with her history of high blood pressure, put Jennifer at significant risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Jennifer shares some of her tips with us today:

First, she found that Lark “got more customized and personal over time, the more I interacted with Lark the more it knew about me and could predict my weaknesses, such as cravings!”. Jennifer has lost 11% of her body weight, or 20lbs, and is no longer at high risk!

She shares her top 5 tips for other Larkers:

  1. “Step on the Lark scale regularly, and do it at the same time everyday”.

  2. “Track at least 1 meal per day so you can get constant feedback and education. It’s easiest if you talk to Lark using the microphone!”

  3. “Keep the Lark coach on the first screen of your phone!”

  4. “Come to Lark if you feel a craving!

Jennifer is not the only person who has had success with Lark’s unique 24/7 personal health coach; Over 1 million others use it. As a member of the program, we wanted to highlight Jennifer’s success and recommendations. Please reply to us with any feedback or if you’d like a success story written on you!

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