Making Sleep Work for You and Your Health

Making Sleep Work for You and Your Health
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

This Lark DPP mission on sleep offered all kinds of information on the importance of sleep and how to get enough. Hopefully, you can use what you learned as motivation to make sleep a priority and for ideas on how to do that.

Sleep Matters

Do you want to be more productive, have more energy, and be more positive? Get enough sleep! At the same time, you can lower your risk for hypertension, stroke, heart attack, depression, and anxiety. Oh, by the way, getting enough sleep can make weight loss easier and lower risk for diabetes. Are you inspired?

A Healthy Sleep Lifestyle

Healthy daytime choices can lead to better night-time sleep. Choices such as keeping up with physical activity routines, managing stress, and limiting alcohol consumption can improve sleep quality. In addition, avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and evening, and eating only a light evening meal or snack instead of a heavy one, are good healthy-sleep choices.

A Bedtime Routine for Adults

That is right. A bedtime routine is not just for children. Just as a predictable and consistent pre-bed routine can help children fall asleep more easily, it can help adults wind down and get ready for shut-eye. After shutting off your phone and television, a routine might involve a relaxing activity such as reading, doing yoga, or stretching. See what works for you!

Prepping the Sleep Environment

Now that it is bedtime, is your bedroom ready? Dark, cool, quiet environments are best. If needed, aids include ear plugs, white noise machines, and blackout curtains. Also make sure your bed is comfortable, including your mattress and pillows. 

How Can You Get Enough Sleep?

Now that you have the info, how can you use it to get enough sleep? Will you be sure to set aside more time to be in bed? Will you experiment with different bedtime routines to see what works best? Will you eat dinner a little earlier? Just a few small changes can help you get more sleep and see results quickly.

As the Lark DPP check-in pointed out, you can always roll with it. Plan for what you can, and adjust as needed when obstacles pop up. With all your experience in making healthy lifestyle choices, plus Lark DPP at your side, you have a lot of tools for getting better sleep. Sleep well, and live well!