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 Table of Contents

  • Basic Download and Account Creation

    • Get Started with Coaching

    • Opening Lark

    • Coaching Conversations

    • Meal Logging

    • End of Day Report

    • Activity Coaching

    • New Conversations

    • Tobacco Cessation Program

  • Additional set up steps (not required, but highly encouraged so Lark can provide more personalized coaching)

    • Health Kit Set Up

    • Dietary Preferences

Basic Account Creation

To get started, Lark will send you a text message on your phone. It will look similar to this:


Click on the link (blue text), which will take you to the correct version of Lark to download.

If you already have an existing account with Lark for a paid Lark program (Diabetes, Hypertension, DPP or Wellness), you will see the following message and be instructed to continue with your current program.


To download Lark click on either a “Get” or “Install” button (which button you see depends on whether you have an Apple or Android phone)

You will not be charged to download and use Lark.

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Getting Started with Coaching

Opening Lark

When Lark has finished downloading, find the Lark green and white icon on your phone screen, and tap it to open Lark.

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That’s it! You’re all set to start chatting with your Lark coach.

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Coaching Conversations

Your coach will automatically start a conversation with you each time you open Lark. To respond and continue the conversation, tap a green bubble at the bottom of the screen.

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Meal Logging

Meal logging is a key component of Lark. It helps keep you accountable, as well as teaches you about nutrition and better choices.

To log a meal you can either respond to reminder you get on your phone to log a meal, or open Lark,  select “Start a new chat” then “Add data” and “Meal”


We have a unique approach to logging and tracking food that makes it less cumbersome. Rather than focusing on calories and quantities, Lark focuses on the quality of the foods you eat. 

We make it super-easy for you to log food. For example, “I had a hamburger with no bun, small fries and an apple.” There is no need to log ingredients separately or count calories.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 2.36.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 2.37.08 PM.png

Lark takes a look at your meal and analyzes it based on several different nutritional metrics. You get immediate feedback by earning green, yellow, or red badges for key nutrients contained in that meal letting you know what was good about your meal, and where there is some room for improvement.

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You’ll also get specific advice on how to make the day successful.

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End of Day Report

You’ll also get an end of day report. This more clearly shows that it is the totality of actions that make a good habit, and highlights that a small slip up doesn’t “ruin” the whole day or that having a healthy dinner does not “undo” poor quality breakfast and lunch.


Activity Coaching

Physical activity is a key component of better health. So throughout the day, Lark will comment on your activity level, congratulate you for getting moving, and provide some insights or new tips.


You’ll also get an update on your total activity for the day to see your progress and changes in your activity levels.


New Conversations

You can chat with your Lark coach as often as you want. To start a new session, just tap the Lark icon on your phone screen.

Check in every day to get coaching and information personalized for you. Just click the Lark icon on your phone screen.

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Tobacco Cessation Program

If you are trying to quit smoking, join Lark’s 4-week tobacco cessation program, available within the Wellness program. The program includes short daily lessons focused on understanding tobacco habits, mindfulness around tobacco use, and tobacco cessation prep. 

Log cravings in the app anytime and receive guided, real-time support from Lark.

Suitable for all forms of tobacco (you will be able to choose which form you use when you opt into the program).


Additonal Set Up Steps

(Not required, but highly encouraged so Lark can provide more personalized coaching)

Health Kit Set Up

The more information Lark has about you, the more specific the coaching can be. One of the ways to provide useful information is to share data from Apple Health. This allows Lark to import activity, sleep, and other data from your phone (note than many people sync an Apple Watch through the health kit as well for even more accurate data)

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You can select specifically which data you want to share with Lark by sliding the white button to the right.

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Dietary Preferences

Let Lark know of any dietary preferences you have. This helps create more customized meal feedback.

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