Take a Fitness Break

Take a Fitness Break
Lark Team

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Session Focus

Taking a 2-minute fitness break every 30 minutes can help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

This session we will talk about:

  • The link between sitting still and type 2 diabetes
  • Some challenges of taking fitness breaks and ways to cope with them

You will also make a new action plan!


Keep track of how much time you spend sitting still each day.
Try to take a 2-minute fitness break every 30 minutes.

Terry’s Story

Terry is at risk for type 2 diabetes. Her doctor asks her to be active for at least 150 minutes a week, at a moderate pace or more. Over time, she reaches that goal.
Terry’s doctor then asks her to start tracking the time she spends sitting still. Here’s what she finds.

In the morning, Terry sits while taking the train to work. She spends most of the workday sitting at her desk, using the computer. Sometimes she talks on the phone or has a meeting—also sitting. She eats her lunch at a table in the staff room. After work, she takes the train home. Later that evening, she watches TV.

When Terry adds up all that time, she is surprised by what she learns. It turns out she sits still for about 12 out of the 16 hours that she’s awake. So even though she gets her 150 minutes of activity a week, Terry spends an awful lot of time sitting still.

Terry decides to take action. These days, she still gets her 150 minutes of activity each week. But she also spends less time sitting down. She uses an app on her phone to remind herself to take a 2-minute fitness break every 30 minutes. She stands up during part of her train ride. At work, she walks around her office while she talks on the phone and uses an exercise ball at the computer. Terry feels better than ever.

How to Cope With Challenges

It can be challenging to take fitness breaks. Here are some common challenges and ways to cope with them. Write your own ideas in the column that says “Other Ways to Cope.” Check off each idea you try.

How to Cope With Challenges1