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Can a Positive Mindset Prevent Diabetes?

September 22, 2022
Can a Positive Mindset Prevent Diabetes? - Lark Health

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A recent Lark DPP check-in brought up an important real-life fact: healthy behavior changes can be challenging sometimes. Despite your healthy intentions, you may sometimes encounter obstacles such as low motivation, not enough time, too much stress, or irresistible temptations.

Should you just throw in the towel?

Of course you should not give up! Instead, keep making healthy choices as much as possible, and Lark will be there with encouragement and tips. Here is a tip for getting more diabetes prevention per ounce of effort that you give: think positive! Read on to discover why it works and how you can take advantage.

Why Positive Thinking Matters

Fitness programs for older adults

Setbacks are not a question of "if," but rather of "when." You might skip a workout or a few,

A positive attitude starts in your head, but it affects so much more. A positive mindset enables you to make better lifestyle choices with less effort. It reduces stress, which in turn aids in weight loss, better sleep quality, and improved focus.

Positive thinking goes beyond lowering diabetes risk. You might gain these additional benefits if you can improve your attitude.

  • Stronger immune system with fewer infections.
  • Increased sense of well-being.
  • Healthier heart.
  • Improved mood.

How to Think Positive


Some people are naturally adept at positive thinking. Others have a hard time looking on the bright side. Regardless of your natural tendencies, you can hone your skills at reacting positively to any situation. Try to remember to practice, whenever you get the opportunity.

First, be aware when you feel yourself reacting with anger, frustration, or other negative feelings. Think about the situation and what specifically is bothering you. Then, try to come up with something positive. You might identify a way you can benefit from the situation, such as learning from it, or figure out what you can do to take the situation in a more desirable direction, such as being more prepared tomorrow.

These are some examples of turning negative reactions into positive thoughts and actions.

It can take practice, but positive thinking can become your norm and change your life for good. Lark can help every day with positive feedback and encouragement plus tips that can help turn healthy choices into healthy habits.

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