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Five Ways Lark Helps Keep Track of Employee Health

August 1, 2020
Five Ways Lark Helps Keep Track of Employee Health

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Lark programs let you work more efficiently to support wellness or prevent or manage chronic conditions. It may be covered by your employer or health insurance, and it is something that can lead to lasting weight loss or other benefits with small changes throughout the day. These are five ways that Lark helps employees keep track of their health.

1. Monitoring Key Health Measures.

Certain measurements are almost like performance indicators when it comes to your health. Lark programs keep track of the most important measures for your health status and goals, such as weight in Lark Weight Loss Pro and Lark Diabete Prevention program, blood glucose in Lark for Diabetes, and blood pressure in Lark for Hypertension. Knowing your measurements and receiving expert support to improve them can help you stay as healthy as possible.

Lark Weight Loss Pro can give you a heads-up if weight loss is plateauing, and Lark’s all-in-one collaborative platform for Diabetes or Hypertension can even alert you to an out-of-range value for blood sugar or blood pressure. When it detects one, your Lark coach may let you know that you may want to consider connecting with your healthcare provider to get medical intervention.

2. Providing Features for Tracking.

The Lark app includes the tools you need to keep track of your health. It stores values that you enter or that automatically sync from a connected device, such as a scale, blood glucose monitor, or home blood pressure monitor, so you can always see your trends and progress.  You can log meals and snacks whenever you want, check off that you have taken any prescribed diabetes or hypertension medications, and give your Lark coach information about your workouts and sleep data.

3. Responding with Instant Lark Chats.

The Lark chat feature can bring together all of your data and use it to generate insights and action items to keep you motivated and healthy. Anytime you enter the Lark app or input information such as a meal or weight, your Lark coach will give you personalized feedback. It can include education on why that piece of information is important, ways you might make better choices next time, or encouragement and support if you hit a goal or need a boost.

4. Keeping You Engaged.

Staying engaged in your own health can help maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. Your healthcare providers can give you recommendations and information, but your Lark coach can do a lot to help you help yourself. Through Lark chat, you can gain knowledge and tools that can empower you to make smart decisions each day.

Along with initiating chats when you open the app and log meals or measurements, Lark promotes engagement by sending notifications at key times. Your Lark coach may remind you to take your meds or log a meal through a push notification, or even drop you a line reminding you to get up and stretch for a minute if you have been sitting for a long period of time.

Resources are available to help you if you ever have questions about the Lark app or are having trouble with your account or anything else. That’s why there is no reason not to be completely engaged in your own health.

5. Promoting Collaboration.

Your Lark coach may be an expert resource, but the Lark app promotes collaboration. You are a key player in your own health, as you have control over your daily choices. Lark chats may let you know which of your choices are beneficial for your health, give you ideas for how you might make better choices, and identify and overcome barriers to hitting your goals. You can discuss your goals and progress with the Lark program and adjust according to your own lifestyle and needs.

Lark programs are cutting-edge and delivered through the Lark app. Powered by artificial intelligence and the latest technology, the Lark app uses theories of behavior change, and the knowledge and experience of leading health experts, to help you turn healthy choices into long-lasting habits.

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Lark helps you eat better, move more, stress less, and improve your overall wellness. Lark’s digital coach is available 24/7 on your smartphone to give you personalized tips, recommendations, and motivation to lose weight and prevent chronic conditions like diabetes.

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