Consistency Is Key

Consistency Is Key
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

By now, you may have gathered that Lark wants you to log your food. The fact is that food logging works. Compared to people who do not log, people who log and track their meals may lose more weight, and that means a lower risk for prediabetes. If you are not yet convinced, remember that there is more to food logging than counting calories!

As the Lark DPP check-in mentioned, One problem with food logging, as the Lark DPP check-in mentioned, is remembering to do so. You might also find it time-consuming or wonder what the point is. These tips can help make food logging easier and improve the value of the feedback Lark gives you.

Make Food Logging Easier

It can be easy to forget to log your food until it becomes a habit. To help you remember and to make it a habit:

  • Enable notifications from Lark so your phone reminds you to log each meal.
  • Set aside a regular time to log meals, whether you enter your food right after each meal (recommended) or at a certain time each evening (also great).

As with anything, practice makes perfect. The more you log, the less time it will take you to log each meal. You will also be able to hone your skills at telling Lark the details, such as remembering all foods, such as condiments, and what size portions you had.

Get More Food Feedback

Lark is ready to give you all kinds of information about your nutrition, but there is a catch: Lark cannot tell you that much if you do not tell Lark very much.

The more you log, the more Lark can tell you. For example, when you log breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a day, you can log into the app in the evening and get a summary of your day. Your summary will have insights about how you might be able to improve tomorrow. 

During your daily summary, Lark will also show you see green badges (kudos!) for goals that you may have hit during the day. You might have eaten plenty of vegetables or whole grains, or kept your added sugars or fried foods down to low levels.

Every so often, if you are logging consistently, Lark may surprise you with an insight or two about your recent food choices or related habits. These insights can be more relevant and personalized when you have been telling Lark everything.

Your Lark coach is also your nutritionist, so take advantage! Tell Lark everything you eat and drink, login throughout the day and at the end of the day, and receive valuable information in return. Ultimately, it can help you lose more weight and eat healthier for good.