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Shop and Cook to Prevent T2

October 31, 2021
Shop and Cook to Prevent T2 - Lark Health

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Session Focus

Healthy shopping and cooking can help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

This session we will talk about:

  • Healthy food
  • How to shop for healthy food
  • How to cook healthy food

You will also make a new action plan!


Find out about sales at local grocery stores. Check your local newspaper, or look online. Farm stands may be a good option too.

Measure out single servings of snacks, like air-popped popcorn. Put them in bags or containers.

Jerry's Story

Jerry's mother has type 2 diabetes. He wants to avoid getting it. So he's trying to eat healthy.

When Jerry goes to a health food store, he finds the prices too high for his budget. He asks his mother how she buys healthy food she can afford.

She tells Jerry that she takes some steps even before she goes shopping. To get ready to shop, she:

  1. Gathers coupons for healthy items
  2. Looks at what's on sale at local grocery stores
  3. Plans her meals and snacks for the week
  4. Checks her kitchen to see what she has
  5. Makes a shopping list
  6. Has a healthy snack

The next Sunday, Jerry helps his mom get ready to shop. Then he goes to the store with her. He's impressed by how much healthy food she gets for her money.

Jerry decides to try shopping the way his mom does. Plus, he looks for healthy recipes online. He's also taking a healthy cooking class. He's even made some healthy meals for his mom!

Jerry's Meals and Snacks

Jerry plans his meals and snacks for one week.

Jerry's Meals and Snacks
Jerry's Meals and Snacks2

My Meals and Snacks

Plan your meals and snacks for one week. You can use "Jerry's Meals and Snacks" for ideas.

My Meals and Snacks
My Meals and Snacks

Jerry's Shopping List

Jerry's Shopping List

After you plan your meals and snacks for the week, check your kitchen to see what you have. Then make a list of the items you need to buy. You can use "Jerry's Shopping List" for ideas.

Jerry's Shopping List

Healthy Shopping Tips

You can shop for healthy food without spending a lot of time or money. Try these tips.

Healthy Shopping Tips
Healthy Shopping Tips

Healthy Cooking Tips

You can cook healthy food without spending a lot of time. Try these tips.

  • Clean as you cook.
  • Cook large batches of items that freeze well, like sauces, stews, and casseroles. Store them in your freezer.
  • Cut up veggies or fruit in advance. Store them in your fridge or freezer.
  • Make the meals and snacks you planned for the week. (See "Healthy Shopping Tips.")
  • Measure out single servings of snacks, like air-popped popcorn. Put them in bags or containers.
  • Use a slow cooker, so you won't need to stir as much.
  • Use leftover veggies and meat in an omelet, pasta or rice dish, stew, soup, salad, or burrito. This saves money as well as time.
Healthy Cooking Tips

You can cook healthy food that you enjoy. Try these tips.

  • Change your favorite dishes to make them healthier. Or serve a small portion of the original recipe.
  • Choose good quality items.
  • Choose items with a variety of flavors, textures, scents, and colors.
  • Cook veggies like green beans and broccoli lightly, so they stay crisp and colorful.
  • Dress up food with herbs, spices, low- fat salad dressing and gravy, lemon juice, vinegar, hot sauce, plain nonfat yogurt, and salsa. If your healthcare provider says to limit your salt, look for items that are low in sodium.
  • Grill or roast veggies and meat to bring out the flavor.
  • Learn healthy cooking methods online, in books, in magazines, and from TV shows. Learn from your friends and family. Or take a healthy cooking class.
  • Try new cooking styles and ingredients.
Healthy Cooking Tips

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