Find Time for Fitness While Traveling

Find Time for Fitness While Traveling
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

Traveling is almost always busy. Even when the goal is a relaxing vacation, time flies by with great meals, stunning sights, fascinating exhibits, and once-in-a-lifetime concerts and other events. Still, if the goal is to come back refreshed and ready to get back at your healthy intentions, finding time for fitness is a must when on the road.

It can take a little planning to get in those active moments while traveling, but it is usually possible. With some practice, it can become habit. Someone like you, who has been with Lark DPP for a pretty long time now, has what it takes to get active anywhere in the world. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Quick Workouts for Anytime and Anywhere


The goal in Lark DPP is to hit at least 150 minutes per week of physical activity. That averages out to 22 minutes per day, or about 30 minutes on most days. Using hotel fitness centers and nearby gyms, attending group fitness classes at gyms or community centers, taking walks, swimming, and doing exercise videos on your phone or computer are good ways to get in a solid-length workout.

A single 30-minute bout of exercise can do the trick, but so can several 5 to 10-minute sessions. Those may be easier to squeeze in as you rush around between sights, museums, restaurants, shows, and shops, flights, and train rides. Examples include: 

  • Calisthenics when you wake up in the morning.
  • Extra flights of stairs when in a museum, mall, or hotel.
  • Marching in place while waiting for a taxi or to enter a popular tourist attraction.
  • Getting off a stop early when taking public transportation.
  • Taking the stairs instead of elevator when climbing up a famous tower or tall building.
  • Walking around a train or subway platform while waiting for the next train.
  • Walking quickly through a museum to see everything before you slow down and pause at the exhibits or pieces you really want to study.
  • Yoga or stretching before bed.

Packing Properly

Packing workout shoes

Packing a few workout essentials can enable you to stay fit anywhere. 

  • Walking shoes or workout shoes.
  • A few workout outfits.
  • Resistance bands if you will not have access to weights in a fitness center or gym.
  • Special equipment, such as rock-climbing shoes, if you will need it.

It may be worthwhile to keep a pair of shoes in your carry-on luggage if you have a tight connection and your checked bag may not appear on time, or if you are planning to get in some walking during layovers at airports.

Dose of Compassion

Compassion can help you succeed at developing your healthy habit of being active on the road. Just like at home, there will be times when you skip a planned workout or do not hit your activity goals for a day. Along with obstacles such as inclement weather and tight schedules, there may also be realities of traveling such as fatigue and unfamiliar foods.

Just like at home, some forgiveness is in order when you are on the road, plus a bit of reflection about why it happened and what you might change next time to hit your goal. 

Lark DPP has compassion, too, offering encouragement to hit those goals and being right there to help you up if you fall back a little. The instant feedback and helpful coaching tools can keep you focused as you try to stay fit while you are traveling.