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Activity in Daily Life at Home and Away from Home

January 24, 2020
Activity in Daily Life at Home and Away from Home

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Great job making it through this Lark DPP mission on staying active away from home! Since travel is a part of life for so many people, travel needs to include those healthy habits that you have been working so hard to build. That includes being active, and here is a run-down of ways to get the job done.


You have never stopped brushing your teeth or taking a shower while on the road because you are too busy, have you? Why would you stop taking care of your heart, muscles, brain, and blood sugar by being inactive? Packing your workout shoes and clothes, checking out the workout facilities and other active possibilities beforehand, and keeping your phone on you so Lark can catch your movements can all help you get active while away from home.


If there is one takeaway from this Lark DPP mission, it is that you can get active almost anywhere. By having the attitude that exercise is a "must" and the only questions are "how" and "when," not "whether," you are much more likely to make it happen. In hotels, on planes, in airports, around town, and in conference centers, you can get active with traditional gym or pool workouts, walking tours, fitness breaks, and stair-climbing in museums. Anywhere is a good place to get those muscles working.

Everything Counts

A full hour at a gym doing your regular cardio and weight routine is good. So is a day filled with 3-minute activity breaks at rest stops and airports. No bit of movement is too small to help with weight and health, so stay motivated to get in every bit that you can.

The Side Benefits of Activity Away from Home

Getting active away from home is far more than a chore to keep healthy. It can be a way to make new friends as you join walking groups or talk to work colleagues. It can give you better business results as you practice your presentations in the hotel gym at the beginning of the day or you build relationships during lunch walks with business partners. It can give you more local flavor as you walk to different attractions instead of whizzing by them on a bus or in a car.

Anywhere you go, physical activity is an option and a great idea. When it is a priority and you plan ahead, it is almost always possible.

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