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Rev Your Support System When the Going Gets Tough

September 22, 2022
Rev Your Support System When the Going Gets Tough

Are you at risk of prediabetes?

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This DPP mission was all about maintaining motivation throughout this long journey as you lower risk for type 2 diabetes. If motivation wanes, challenging yourself, helping others, and rethinking goals and strategies for achieving them are all sound approaches for rekindling the fire inside of you.

You may already know a thing or two about motivating yourself and being persistent. In fact, you are clearly staying motivated since you have stuck with the Lark program for so long!

But what happens if motivation still isn’t there after you have tried everything? Or what if you simply have a moment in which you wonder why you are doing this, how you can do better, or whether you can keep it up? That may be the moment when you call upon your trusty support system to light the fire.

A Pep Talk

Often, a few encouraging words can make a world of difference. A small bit of acknowledgement around your efforts or progress from someone else can let you know that your efforts are appreciated, or can make you acknowledge your own efforts or progress. “I know what you are going through” can be an empathetic statement from someone else going through a similar health journey and can let you know not only that you are not alone, but that you can succeed. “Here, why not try…?” and, “Have you considered…?” and, “I admire what you are doing,” can also put the spring back in your step.

Some Extra Fuel

If words do not do the trick to bring back motivation, your supporters may need to up their game with less talk and more walk. That could literally mean taking walks with you to make sure you get in your planned exercise, or it could mean taking any action to help you out. Do you think you might be a little more eager to make healthy choices when…?

  • You and a neighbor take turns each weekend cooking healthy, home-cooked dinners for both families.
  • A friend is waiting to meet you at the gym for a pre-dinner workout.
  • Your kids proudly serve you a bowl of cottage cheese and strawberries for breakfast.
  • Your spouse agrees to eat the same healthy meals you are preparing for yourself.
  • Your coworker meets you for break-time stair-climbing sessions.

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

Motivation is the name of the game when it comes to putting in your all to achieve goals. The length of the journey and possible obstacles can challenge your motivation, but a well-built support network can step up to the plate and get you back on your way.

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