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Avoid Missing Workouts

Avoid Missing Workouts
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up with sincere intentions to exercise. Then the day gets busy, one thing after another pops up at work and at home, and the day finishes before you have a chance to get in your workout. Then it happens the next day, and before you know it, a few days have passed without getting in much physical activity. 

What can you do? As the Lark DPP check-in pointed out, work, errands, and other tasks are definitely important, but so is physical activity! How can you fit everything in? It is not always possible, but it often is if you can prioritize and be more efficient. Here are a few strategies for getting in your physical activity without skipping so many days. 

Prioritize: Prioritization can work like magic. Think of it this way: have you ever skipped brushing your teeth and getting dressed because you did not have time? If not, it is because you have made them priorities. You consider them essential in your day. If exercise becomes as high of a priority in your day as brushing your teeth, it may become as regular. One way to show that it is a priority is to do it first or schedule it in your planner for later.

Have a Plan B: Life changes minute to minute, so workout plans need to be able to adapt. Do you need to get to work earlier than expected? Try working out at home instead of driving back and forth to the gym. Did you wake up to a rain shower or thunderstorm? The local mall is probably open for walking. Did your babysitter cancel? There’s a good chance you can play hide and seek with your children.

Plan ahead: Planning ahead lets you get in the same workout in less time. Laying out your workout clothes and shoes the evening before a morning workout lets you get out the door more quickly. Prepping a sack lunch the night before lets you have more time to walk on your lunch break at work. The better prepared you are, the more likely the workout will happen.

Be more efficient: If time is an issue, efficiency can help. Doubling up exercise with other tasks, such as commuting by walking or biking, or walking instead of driving between stores when running errands, can save time. It may also help to shower at the gym instead of returning home before work.

Use rest days: Rest days, or days off from working out, are not just necessary for physical and mental recovery. They are also good chances to schedule extra tasks. Taking one or two days a week without a dedicated workout can open up time for doing something extra, such as grocery shopping or cleaning the house.

Workouts can quickly fall by the wayside if they are not prioritized, but they can come back quickly with some careful thought. Lark can help with encouragement and motivation, as well as letting you log workout so you know how active you have been.