Be Well for Life

Be Well for Life
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

Lark is proud of you for coming as far as you have, and excited about your future. You now have an entire toolbox filled with tools for living well, controlling weight and blood sugar, and building habits that you help you reach your goals. These are just a few reminders as you look forward.

Weather the storms

There will be storms, but if there is something to be learned over time, it is that they can be weathered. If a relapse happens and weight goes up, workouts are missed, or eating habits go back to where they used to be, Lark has offered some steps for getting over them.

  • Identify possible causes.
  • Identify specific behaviors that may have changed.
  • Create a strategy to develop healthier habits.
  • Set a start date.
  • Tell others about your plan.

Set new goals

There is always something to strive for, and striving for something new helps with motivation and focus. Along with goals relating to weight loss and maintenance, there an infinite number of possible goals, related to fitness, nutrition, and health behaviors, such as packing lunch every day for a week, going rock climbing with your friends, and counting to five before reacting each time someone says something that is potentially aggravating.

Maintain your support system

Everyone can use support. By reaching out to your support network, you can get advice, encouragement, sympathy, and practical support. At the same time, you can support others, which further bolsters your own confidence.

Have fun

Because really, what is the point if the journey is no fun? There can be plenty of excitement when trying new foods and workouts, joy in meeting new exercise buddies, and pleasure in aromatherapy, pleasure reading, or whatever bedtime routine you choose to follow in the name of health.

Getting so far with Lark DPP really is an accomplishment. Carry forward everything you have learned, achieved, and practiced, and you are sure to have success.