The Prize Is within Reach

The Prize Is within Reach
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

This Lark DPP mission was all about keeping your eyes on the prize, that is, the prize of maintaining good health habits and working towards health and weight loss goals. Lapses in healthy habits may occur, but they do not need to become permanent. This mission talked about getting over a lapse. Which of the ideas in this mission might work for you?

Identifying Causes and Possible Solutions

Identifying what got you into the rut can help you get out of it. Taking some time to pinpoint a few causes of the lapse, and how you can get over it, can give you some direction as you get ready to get back on track. Bigger patterns may be emotional eating, skipping workouts, and choosing fast foods, while specific solutions might be phoning a friend instead of eating when you are upset, going to bed early so you are able to get up early enough to get to the gym, and making breakfast the night before so you do not need to go to a fast food joint for a fatty breakfast.

Committing and Implementing

The more people you tell, the more accountable you may find yourself when it comes to getting over a lapse. In addition to committing to yourself by writing down your new goals and strategies, it can help to tell others about them. In addition, Lark is ready to cheer you on as you rededicate yourself to your weight loss and fitness plan to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Choosing a start date helps make implementation of the new plan seem more official. A good start date is relatively soon, but far enough away to leave time to prepare, such as by purchasing fruits and vegetables for the kitchen, or planning a series of workouts to do for the next few weeks.

Having a Plan B

Having a back-up plan is nearly always a good idea, and that is certainly true when it comes to following through on healthy intentions. Keeping healthy meals and snacks on hand can protect you against time-consuming obstacles, as can always being ready to hit the road if you have a chance to get in a brisk walk or other workout. Keeping your eyes open for opportunities, such as doing calisthenics while waiting for the children to get out of school, can help you stay on track even when it gets busy.

However you choose to approach getting over your lapse, you can set yourself up for success by making your plan feasible, reinforcing your support system, and being flexible if obstacles pop up. Lark DPP can stay with you. as you apply what you have learned over the months, to keep encouraging and motivating you as you accomplish your goals.