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Lark Learning Series: How Digital Care Can Help Fill the Health Equity Gap

November 30, 2022
Lark Learning Series: How Digital Care Can Help Fill the Health Equity Gap

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About the Webinar:

According to the CDC, health equity is achieved when every person has the opportunity to attain his or her full potential. But what is the expectation of employers in this space? Oftentimes, we think of employee benefit packages and diversity and inclusion as unrelated to health equity, but as it turns out, all of these things are interconnected and interdependent. Moreso, a study published in 2019 in the journal JAMA Open Network examined the last 25 years of CDC research and found a lack of progress on health equity, despite public health initiatives created to address it. For all of these reasons, employers have both a responsibility and incentive to step up to the challenge.

Join us for our November “Lark Learning Series”, that will dive into how employers should go about integrating health equity into their benefit offerings to transform employee diversity into a powerful competitive advantage. Attendees will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of the relationship between diversity and health equity
  • How conversations surrounding diversity and health equity have changed in the last couple of years
  • How are employers and benefit consultants addressing those changes
  • How Lark’s solution can support health equity in an employee population
  • SME predictions for trends in this space the next 3-5 years


Jeff Oldham, Founder of Informed Consulting

Jeff is a founding member of Informed Consulting. He has 25+ plus years of employee benefits experience working with enterprise employers, digital health companies, health plans, insurance carriers, InsureTech, HCM, and financial wellness companies.Previously, Jeff held various sales leadership positions for 12 years at Benefitfocus, a benefits administration company. While at Benefitfocus, Jeff developed an ecosystem distribution market for early-stage digital health and financial wellness companies. Prior to Benefitfocus, Jeff worked for health plans and insurance carriers for 13 years.

Jeff was named by Employee Benefits Advisor in “30 Benefit Thought Leaders to Know” and “30 People to watch in Benefits 2017” and have been featured in CNBC, Inc Magazine, Forbes, Employee Benefits News, US News and World Report, SHRM Magazine, and numerous other

Dr. Lynne Nowak, Chief Medical Officer, Lark

Passionate about using data and technology to improve healthcare, Dr. Nowak has over 30 years of experience helping patients live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Before joining Lark, Dr. Nowak led provider experience, clinical analytics and product strategy, and health information interoperability as VP/GM Clinical Data and Provider Solutions at Evernorth (formerly Express Scripts) and Cigna. She also has nearly 15 years of direct patient care experience as a Board-Certified internal medicine physician in outpatient primary care, inpatient hospitalist medicine, and hospice/palliative care. Dr. Nowak earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame and her Medical Degree at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, and she completed her Internal Medicine training at the Mayo Clinic.

Rob Paczkowski, Global Head of Benefits, eBay

Rob Paczkowski has 30 years of experience in employee benefits. Specialty areas include health and welfare, wellness work/life, time off, international benefits and retirement benefits strategy, design and administration. Prior to eBay, Rob worked for several organizations, including most recently, Google and Capital One. Areas of focus include value-based health care/direct contracting, transparency efforts, data analytics and a comprehensive high-value health care strategy. In addition, Rob was an early pioneer in developing autism benefits and helping other employers implement those programs for their employees. Rob also has a passion for health care public policy and is active with the American Benefits Council and the PBGH public policy leadership groups. Rob now lives in San Jose, California with his wife Connie and 16-year-old son Jason. Rob also has two adult daughters and two dogs named Tuff and Angus.

Dr. Siupo Becker, Senior Director, Health Management, Willis Towers Watson

Siupo (pronounced Soba) Becker is an accomplished physician executive with extensive experience in data analysis, innovation, and strategic healthcare management. She previously served as Vice President of Healthcare Strategies for a Fortune top 5 national health plan and served as the innovation and strategic leader for a regional health plan. Siupo has worked with jumbo strategic national accounts clients for several years. She functioned as the client’s Chief Medical Officer during collaboration with multiple Fortune top 20 employers. She has developed programs to provide customized experiences to improve member health with provider systems and technology corporations including Mayo Clinic and Medtronic. She has previously led teams focused on serving Commercial clients and created and developed innovative product solutions incorporating remote patient monitoring (RPM) into case management systems. She led and developed a cost containment strategy focused on Sepsis prevention, diagnosis and management that resulted in a cost savings of $33 million in 2019 and led the creation of an enhanced Population Health Model that incorporated Social Determinants of Health and Racial Health Equity. She has a special interest in healthcare technology.

At WTW, in addition to client facing roles, Siupo serves as the subject matter expert on near site/ on site health clinics and has developed strategic healthcare plans to address the burgeoning role of virtual health care into client benefits plans. Hybrid health systems employing near site/ on site health clinics combined with virtual care have been created for several large globally recognized companies to date. Siupo has presented at numerous health care forums, including America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) conference, and has won awards for her Infectious Diseases research at the Infectious Diseases Society of America conference. She has numerous publications in academic journals and applies that rigor of thought to her work with clients in developing evidence-based medicine solutions and recommendations.

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