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Your Thoughts, Your Health

November 17, 2019
Your Support Network to Prevent Diabetes - Lark Health

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Great job finishing up the Lark DPP mission "Taking Charge of Thoughts." It was a good one for learning how to focus on the most important person in your healthy DPP journey: you. The strategies for making your thoughts work for you range from being positive to working to your abilities to remembering that you are unique and not to be compared to anyone else.

Staying Positive

Can a Positive Mindset Prevent Diabetes?

Negative thoughts can creep in, but letting them dominate can get in the way of healthy intentions. Feeling defeated or hopeless can decrease motivation and make healthy choices less likely. Letting a setback get you down can also prevent further progress. Taking the time to think about the good things in every situation can help train you to be positive and act healthier.

Working to Your Abilities

How Exercise Keeps Us Young

A failure is only that if you let it be. Otherwise, it is an opportunity to learn and grow. When you do not hit a weight loss goal or are unable to finish a workout as intended, those could be failures...or those could be lessons in being a little tighter with your food logging or trying modifications to your workout so it is within your abilities. Every day offers chances to discover new things about yourself and your abilities.

Avoiding Comparisons

Living Well with Type 2 Diabetes

A critical component to success is doing it your way. That does not mean you cannot learn from others. It means that others may have other paths to success than your path. You may have a different body type, metabolism or lifestyle than someone else. It does not matter how much weight someone else loses. What matters is that you do what you know is right for your health, choice by choice each day.

These tools can enable you to control your thoughts, and taking charge of thoughts can make it easier to make the healthy choices that will lead to weight loss and lower risk for diabetes. It takes practice to take charge of thoughts, and using Lark DPP to chat, learn, and log food and activity can help increase awareness as you keep up those healthy intentions.

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