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Seven Reasons Why You Are Different from Anyone Else and So Is Your Weight Loss Journey

Seven Reasons Why You Are Different from Anyone Else and So Is Your Weight Loss Journey
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

Your weight loss journey is just that: yours. It is not only yours because it is your body and your health. It is yours for more reasons, such as choosing how you make it happen and getting all the glory. Another reason why it is all yours is that it cannot happen the same way for anyone else but you, as the DPP check-in mentioned. These are some reasons why you and your weight loss journey are unique.

  1. Your body type is unique. Genes affect quite a bit. Your body type might be such that you could lose 300 lb. and still not be able to fit into a celebrity’s skinny jeans or feel comfortable in a bikini. Some of us are healthiest at a weight of 115 lb., and some of us can do just fine by losing from weight of 200 lb. to a weight of 170 Ib. Some of us just don’t have a movie star’s body, and never will. We are born that way.
  2. People have different metabolic rates. If you and someone else ate the exact same thing every day, you may gain weight while the other person may lose. It is not your imagination. There are many reasons while someone else’s metabolism may be faster, that is to say, why they burn more calories in a day than you. Males, taller people, heavier people, and younger adults lose more weight. So do some lucky people who happen to fidget a lot. In other words, you need to eat according to your metabolism
  3. Nutrigenomics may play a role. You respond differently to different foods, nutrients, and eating patterns. You may lose more weight eating a high-carb, high-fiber diet with three meals a day, while someone else may lose more weight eating 6 small low-carb meals a day. You may be jealous of them eating your “cheat” foods, such as cheese and nuts at every meal, but they may be jealous of your larger meals with high-carb foods such as whole-grain cereal, which may be off of their diet.
  4. Social media is misleading. Just as it can be misleading when people post happy pictures but are not truly happy in real life, people can post photos of their shrinking bodies without showing the work they put in or the setbacks they had so it looks easier than it was. Or, they might edit the photos before posting so it looks like they have lost more than they have.
  5. The time frame may be different. Do you know when that other person started losing weight? They may have started a year before you and have lost a lot more. Or, they may have started more recently than you and be losing faster than you.
  6. You do not know what happens behind the scenes. How in the world can your coworker in the next cubicle be so skinny when he eats a burger and fries every day for lunch? Who knows? It could be that he has only black coffee and a doughnut for breakfast and a bowl of fruit loops with milk for dinner – though unhealthy, a total of as little as 1,200 calories. Or, maybe he works out intensely every day and burns an extra 800 calories. Maybe he is one of those people with a super high metabolism. Regardless, eating a burger and fries may be his ticket to weight loss. It probably is not yours.
  7. Your lifestyle is your own. Your tastes, budget, cooking abilities, family duties, and time constraints are your own. Your weight loss journey fits into that unique combination of opportunities and obstacles. Nobody else will eat the same things or do the same workouts as you, so why would anyone get the same results as you?

Since your weight loss journey is your own, Lark DPP gives you your own personalized program to help you lose weight in the most sustainable way: through small, feasible changes that fit into your unique life. The best results come from focusing on what makes sense for you, not for someone else.