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Complete Your To-Do List While Burning Calories

Complete Your To-Do List While Burning Calories
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

In the previous checkin, you may have read about hotel maids who lost weight simply because they learned how active they truly were. In this checkin, you learned about those “hidden gem” activities that you may need to make a special effort to log. They can include housework, gardening, and caring for children, for starters.

Those hidden gem activities can be extra valuable if you are one of those busy people who struggles to find time for exercise. You may even find yourself needing to choose between getting in your exercise – minutes, steps, or calories – and getting the rest of your tasks done. These are some ways you can hit your activity goals and finish your other duties by the end of the day.

Multitasking Your Calorie Burn

If you get to the end of the day feeling as though you haven’t rested for a moment, you may be right. This is possible even if you did not do a specific workout such as a fitness class or a brisk walk. Any time you move or push, pull, or lift something, you burn calories. Why not combine your calorie burn with checking items off of your to-do list?

  • Stay mindful of your calorie burn and effort as you sweep, vacuum, and wash windows.

  • Keep your landscaping magnificent as you weed, dig holes for planting, rake leaves away, and push around wheelbarrows.

  • Turn on the radio while at home, and dance your way around the house while cleaning, cooking, and folding laundry.

  • Need to wait at the bus stop or in line at the store, bank, or post office? Do calf raises, squats, and arm swings to pass the time.

  • Save time by walking between buildings when possible instead of driving. For example, park at the library, walk to buy lunch, and walk back to the library. Your time is better spent walking than driving around and looking for a parking spot.

Each of these activities counts towards your daily total and can burn as many calories as moderate or brisk walking. Be sure to use Lark to get an accurate total for your calories. Keep your phone on you so Lark can pick up your motion, and log your activity whenever you do it.

Like the maids in the study described in the previous check-in, you may be able to lose more weight when you know exactly how much you are doing. Plus, you are sure to feel better at the end of the day if you hit your activity goals and finish your to-do list!