Is It Healthy to Step on the Scale Every Day?

Natalie Stein
April 12, 2018
Is It Healthy to Step on the Scale Every Day?

Measure/Weigh Yourself

While it is easy to think of monitoring and tracking as optional tools, or even as strategies that only certain types of people would want to use. However the research is consistent that monitoring and tracking weight are linked to more success with weight loss. You might want to log your:

  • Food: what, when, and how much you eat and drink.
  • Activity: how long, and what you do.
  • Weight: a weekly weigh-in at the same time of day on the same day each week is most accurate.

While you can use an old-fashioned notebook or spreadsheet, you can also look for a health app that makes tracking and logging weight easier.

Best Weight Loss Health Coach App

You are putting in the work, so you deserve to maximize the benefits. A weight loss health coach app can help you do just that. A health coach app serves all the functions of a regular coach: informing, motivating, guiding, cheering, and organizing. The best weight loss health coach app:

  • Informs you about healthy ways to lose weight and incorporate healthy behaviors into your lifestyle.
  • Motivates you to keep setting and chasing new goals.
  • Guides you through your weight loss journey in your own way.
  • Cheers your successes, your efforts, and, should you fall short of your goals for a time, your renewed dedication.
  • Organizes by encouraging you to log your food, activity and weight, and storing that information.

Lark Health Coach serves all of those roles, and more. Lark is available 24/7 to be your coach and friend. Your health coach automatically customizes your program for you.

Lark even learns your patterns and coaches around them. Do you prefer a gluten-free or dairy-free lifestyle? You’ll get tips on healthy ways to get your nutrients without eating gluten or dairy products. Do you normally take an afternoon walk? Then do not be surprised if Lark gives you a gentle nudge if you forget to take it one day.

Written by Natalie Stein on April 12, 2018
Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health
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