Introducing the Lark Health Scholarship

Lark Health Winter 2020 Scholarship

Deadline: December 20, 2020.

How to apply: Our requirement is simple. We want you to submit a 1-2 page essay, 1.5 spaced, detailing an initiative that you would like to see happen — were you a policy maker, healthcare entrepreneur, or public health worker — to prevent or delay one of the most pressing health issues facing Americans today.

An example is the CDC-Recognized DPP (Digital Diabetes Prevention Program), a nationwide initiative modeled after a 10-year longitudinal study that showed a healthy diet, more exercise, and 5-7% body weight loss could delay the onset of diabetes after showing the signs of diabetes and prevent the progression to diabetes of prediabetes by 58%! This insight has since become a nationwide initiative, covered by most health plans, medicaid plans, and medicare. It is making a true difference in the wellness and lives of those who are at risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

So, what’s the next great preventive health frontier?

    Form didn’t work? Email gillian@lark.com with the format above and attach your essay titled with your name.

    Let’s Battle Healthcare and Technology Challenges Related to Disease Prevention with Boldness and Creativity.

    Supporting Young Innovators

    We’re excited to announce our new Lark scholarship which aims to raise awareness and put added focus on preventive health. Lark is a healthcare company that uses AI and connected devices to help prevent chronic illnesses like diabetes, and we want to inspire students to come up with solutions to help improve the health of others around them.

    It consists of three awards totaling $3,500 per year ($2,000, $1,000, and $500).

    About Lark Health

    Lark Health is a Silicon Valley startup that is bringing the best in design, AI and mobile technology to digital therapeutics for chronic disease management as a platform. Lark’s team is an interdisciplinary group of technologists and clinicians from Blue Shield, Castlight, UnitedHealth, Google, Yahoo, Stanford, Harvard, and MIT who are passionate about expanding access to compassionate A.I + coaching + devices to lower chronic disease costs and improve outcomes at scale.

    We create personalized care management using A.I and clinical science that delivers scalable positive health outcomes across the major chronic disease states.

    Lark’s A.I has been recognized for treatment and management of Diabetes, Diabetes Prevention, Hypertension Management, and more.  Lark was named “Best of 2016” – Google, “Top 10 Apps” out of all 2 Million. – Apple, “Lark, Uber, Airbnb among “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World” —Business Insider, and “Most Innovative Digital Health Product of the Year” – Forrester Research.

    Wonderful publications such as The Doctor Weights In have reviewed and promoted Lark Health’s ability to solve these critical problems. MobiHealthNews wrote about Lark Health’s ability to apply A.I to Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention, while the Huffington Post wrote about Lark Health’s ability to promote sleep quality and fitness. HealthITAnalytics wrote about Lark Health’s ability to apply A.I to aid with Diabetes Care, while MedCityNews wrote about our platform’s unique ability to combine A.I with compassion.

    Diabetes Prevention Programs have been proven in multiple longitudinal, peer-reviewed studies to have an incredibly positive ROI, saving money for governments, health plans, and individuals. The same is true for Diabetes Management programs.

    If you believe you could have Diabetes, please check the Signs of Diabetes in Women and Signs of Diabetes in Men. While there are not always obvious signs, it’s important to know what risk factors contribute to your likelihood of developing Diabetes. Similarly, keep in mind Sleep Apnea Symptoms and the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure. All 3 conditions are reversible if caught early.